Cold Water Storage Tanks

New GRP Cold Water Storage Tanks

DSW can undertake any works involving the use of cold water storage. As you may or may not know these come in all shapes, sizes and materials. If you have an old existing water tank the chances are it’s either oversized or non-compliant. Below are the services that DSW offer to ensure you have the correctly sized and compliant tank for your application.
These are tanks constructed with multiple panels that are bolted together in position. The panels are either metric or imperial in measurement. The main advantages of these tanks are that large tanks can be built in existing buildings as the tanks come in small sectional panels, as such access restrictions can be overcome. These can be built up to 1.5 million litres in volume.

KD tanks consist of 6 sections. Advantages of these are that they are cheaper than sectional tanks and very fast to install, however they offer limited storage. The maximum volume is 4500 litres.’

Does exactly as it says on the tin. These are single whole water tanks that require no construction on site as they are entirely pre-fabricated. They can be made in all sizes but come in one large piece so there are logistical restrictions in terms of gaining access to the location of install that need to be considered.

These are similar looking to the one piece tanks but are split around the waist of the tank via a flange.  As they come in two pieces access restrictions are lesser than with the one piece tanks.
These are getting very popular due to the flexibility of the product range. They are sectional tanks with a dry room partition that can self-contain; pumps, pipework and other water treatment plant. They can save thousands of pounds by not having to build a stand alone plant room. Like all the sectional tanks we offer they can even be made in different colours to blend into their surroundings, very useful when built outside.


Modifications of all cold water storage tanks to bring old tanks in line with up to date regulations, increasing or decreasing capacity of existing CWST’s and fitting extra components such as side entry hatches, additional connections, Tanktronics, level control systems etc.

DSW will not just try to sell a new tank because there is a problem with your existing tank. As we have technical knowledge and fully trained engineers we can sometimes modify your existing storage tank. Examples of these include:

  • Fitting a divider to enable more flexibility with your tanks – by adding a division you can drain one side and keep the other side full meaning you always maintain water supply.
  • Reduction in capacity – there are many ways this can be achieved, we can partly dismantle some tanks to reduce size and capacity or we can install fully adjustable inlet valves to lower the height of the water.
  • Increase in capacity – we can extend some existing tanks to give you more water. This can save cost on a new larger tank but this is not always possible.
  • Sometimes access to tanks can be a huge problem as over the years new plants could have been installed around your CWST, making it very difficult to gain entry. This is very important because a lack of entry to your tank means it cannot be cleaned properly. We can fix this for you with plenty of solutions, such as installing side entry hatches or fitting additional top hatches that are not being impeded.