Corrosion and scale formation if left untreated not only weakens the structure of storage tanks and cooling towers, but it can also start to provide the perfect habitat and nutrients for rapid bacteriological growth. This can prove harmful to the water stored within the tank or system.
Relining can be a fast and effective way to stop degradation and corrosion effects.

DSW offer reline services on cold water tanks and cooling towers that would either be too expensive or impractical to replace. Usually, water tanks start leaking due to age, poor installation and lack of maintenance.
Stored water is essential to most commercial buildings and should they fail, a property could have no water or cooling facilities for a considerable amount of time.


We will always offer the most cost-effective solution. All relining materials used are suitable for both potable
and non-potable cold-water tanks. Once the application has been completed, you will have long term protection from corrosion, leaks and greatly extend the working life of your storage tank. Depending on the substrate make up of the tank (GRP, Concrete or Steel) DSW use coatings that can be applied to pretty much any surface with the right preparation. Our coatings carry full and up to date WRAS and DWI approval.

Systems to Line

The most common uses for our coatings are:

  • Cold water storage tanks and sprinkler tanks – GRP, Steel and Concrete
  • Hot well tanks (up to 180 degrees)
  • Cooling towers
  • Pool sand filters (due to fractures and sporing)
  • Pool gullies
  • Chemical storage areas

All relining works have a 10-year warranty against degradation and leaks.