Calorifier Descales and Remedials

It is often assumed that if temperatures are satisfactory at the flow and return then there are no issues within the calorifier.

It is critical to ensure that calorifiers store water at 60 degrees Celsius minimum with a return of 50 degrees Celsius minimum, there are however other considerations. Calorifiers should be drained and inspected annually if they have an inspection hatch. If the bundles and/or internal surfaces are found to be scaled then the calorifier should be descaled. DSW circulate a specialist chemical to remove all scale using ph as the primary indicator.

DSW can complete a number of other critical remedial/improvement works for calorifiers and all hot water storage plants including;

  • Supply and installation of an anti-stratification pump
  • Supply and installation of temperature gauges
  • Supply and install of new expansion vessels
  • Drain install/pipework improvements
  • Supply and install of pressure relief valves (PRVs)
  • Supply and install of plate heat exchangers (PHEs)