HTM 04-01 Legionella Control in Healthcare Premises

DSW are well-versed in the specialist guidance (HTM 04-01) for hospitals and care homes. We can assign your organisation a qualified and experienced Appointed Person with vast experience in controlling and resolving Legionella issues within health care buildings. Control schemes must be more robust within these premises as the demographic of visitors/occupants is considered very high risk and system design/install is often of a more complex nature.

Here at DSW we take the responsibility of providing services to the healthcare sector very seriously, all method statements are bespoke to healthcare and are followed rigorously. Any technician deployed has specialist training in the following areas;

  • Legionella and Pseudomonas sampling
  • TMV/TMT service and disinfection to DO8 specification
  • Temperature monitoring including TMV’s and TMT’s
  • Chlorination/disinfection of cold water storage tanks and individual wards/areas
  • Install and service of critical water treatment plants