Bespoke PPMs

For all water systems there are relevant guidance and legislation to follow, these will include outlines of control schemes which must be met as a minimum standard. DSW can help you comply with these and highlight any other areas that may require attention based on you specific system. It is important to define who will be responsible for undertaking each task, for this reason DSW provide a PPM for the customer and a PPM for the contractor, which provides clarity in respect to responsibility in the eyes of the law. Please see below examples of tasks that supersede minimum requirements but that have proved valuable to our customers:
  • Checks on water quality of the incoming mains to include, free chlorine, temperatures, hardness, TDS and dipslides.
  • Checks on water treatment plant. For example, pump operation/priming, chemical levels, and residual levels.
  • Checks on water softeners to include total hardness, brine line inspection, brine tank levels, and salt reserves.
  • Residual testing for biocide at sentinel points.
  • Inspection and filter clean on metal extraction plant.
  • Inspection of potable water filters.
  • Cleaning and calibration of inline biocide or inhibitor probes.
  • Cleaning of strainers.
  • Sampling of potable drinking water machines/fountains.
  • Disinfection of ice machines.
  • Descaling of taps and tap inserts.
  • Removal, descale and disinfection of inline strainers.
  • Drain, physical clean and disinfection of water features.