Water Softeners

DSW are able to service and install a wide variety of water softeners. We obtain information on your system size and usage before deciding upon the most efficient plant for your system. We can complete the following for you:

  • Survey/data collection and provide suitable softener specification for your property.
  • Supply and install Base Exchange water softening plants.
  • Supply and install water conditioners.
  • Service and disinfections of all Base Exchange softeners and service of water conditioners.
  • Conduct remedial on faulty softeners including supply new or repair of: MAVs, PCRs, air check valves, control heads, resin beds, brine lines, GRP vessels etc.
  • Supply resin treat chemicals to improve longevity of your resin and reduce potential for microbiological proliferation within the beds.
  • Provide detailed PPMs and associated paperwork to increase the life cycle of your plant.