Closed Loop; LTHW, CHW and MTHW Systems

Closed loop systems are critical to the heating and cooling of your building. Poor water chemistry can lead to problems or failure of; central plant (boilers/chillers), valves, pumps and pipework.

DSW offer the following services in accordance with BSRIA BG 50 to ensure your systems continue to operate fault-free and efficiently.

  • Sampling and detailed reporting of; chemistry, Pseudomonas species, TVC 2/3, SRB and NRB
  • Chemical dosing of; Molybdate/nitrite inhibitors, biocides and Glycol
  • Balance flushing for moderately fouled systems
  • Biocide flush for CHW systems with significant Pseudomonas systems
  • Full system dynamic flushing including; radiators, fan coil units and exchangers
  • Supply and install of filtration for removal of suspended solids and soluble metals
  • Supply and install of dosing pots
  • Supply and install of pressurisation units