Legionella Risk Assessments

DSW complete all Legionella risk assessments in accordance with: ACoP L8, HSG 274 parts 1, 2 and 3, and BS 8580.

The main aim of our surveys is to ensure your compliance in accordance with the relevant guidance, however, we can also create bespoke documentation and undertake advanced checks as part of the survey. This is so you obtain not just a Legionella risk assessment but a water hygiene condition survey.

Some of the additional services we can provide that form part of the survey include:

  • Intrusive pipework surveys
  • Sampling of incoming mains (advanced potable and metallurgy suites)
  • Enhanced physical inspections for properties with Legionella issues, including removal of all panels and a 100% temperature/biocide residual profile. Also all accessible risers inspected for deadlegs or AAV’s no longer required
  • Create advanced PPM’s from findings for tasks not included within the current guidance
  • Review of, and amendments to, the Legionella control policy and written scheme