Chemical Treatment Plants - DSW Crossflow

The DSW Crossflow chemical treatment plant provides effective protection for your water systems. It treats the incoming water supply to mitigate contamination via the supplier. The system also accurately doses chemicals into the domestic water distribution to combat biofilms and planktonic bacteria, protecting the end user from Legionella and other harmful bacteria.

The Crossflow focuses on treating a body of water, normally that within a cold water storage tank. The water is continuously circulated via a side stream which ensures stagnation is never a problem, even if storage is deemed excessive. The plant can be used in conjunction with multiple chemicals including; Sodium/Calcium Hypochlorite, Silver Hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide. No matter the system or issue, there is a solution.

When required, Ultraviolet and additional filtration can be used in conjunction on the recirculation line. This means the Crossflow is perfectly equipped to deal with not just bacteriological contamination but also larger particulates that may enter your water supply.